Types of DVR - An Overview

If you are intending to setup CCTV cameras, I think the term DVR is no stranger to you. It is important to know what exactly are the types of DVR available and knowing which one suits best for the installation you need.

First of, What is a DVR?

Digital video Recorder (DVR) is a device to record footage digitally. It stores into a storage device like hard disk drives for you to view it whenever and wherever. The analog cameras are connected with each other using coaxial cables to the DVR.

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What are the types of DVR?

There are many types of DVR that is available which comes in wide variety of sizes as well. However, I will include the three main ones that you should find out more to get started on it. 

1. Embedded DVR

Embedded DVR is a standalone device which takes the input of the analog camera. It will start to compress the image and afterwards, store into a local Hard disk. Embedded contains all components needed like the operating system, CPU, etc in one cabinet so no external network is allowed. The benefit of this is lesser chance of virus or hacks to happen. However, the problem is that it isn’t fault tolerant in instances when one component fail, you likely have to get a replacement for it since its tied to one chip.

2. PC-Based DVR

PC-based DVR is essentially recording equipment being integrated into your PC. The DVR card meant for recording is in the computer tower/rack along with other standard components in a PC like motherboard, video card, etc. It is often flexible as it is able to upgrade,expand memory storage just like a regular PC. The con of this is that it will be more prone to virus or security breaches as you need to disable your antivirus software and disable windows updates. Even if you aren’t using windows, the drivers for Unix OS are scarce for recording.

3. Hybrid DVRs

Hybrid DVRs make use of both inputs from CCTV cameras and IP cameras as well. This allows a mixture of regular analog cameras  in low-activity areas and High Definition (HD) IP cameras in high-risk areas for you to use. It is useful for situations where you need to expand the amount of cameras required instead of getting another system. The only few downside is that the IP cameras need to use Ethernet cables in order to work. 


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