Analog CCTV Camera

About Analog CCTV Camera

Analog CCTV (Closed Circuit TV camera) is a security camera that records the video feed on a device called Digital Video Recorder (DVR).Analog cameras record images and sends the signal through a coaxial cable to a DVR.

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Analog CCTV cameras are hard wired to surveillance cameras and connected to the DVRs and need to use coaxial cables such as RG59 and a power adapter to operate the analog surveillance camera.

Coaxial cable are needed to connect it to the DVR and power supply for the analog CCTV camera to run.This means analog cameras need multiple cables and  which can be quite troublesome for some.

Installation Of Analog Camera


As discussed above, analog cameras need to use a coax cable and a power adapter to operate the camera and run the video footage. Some people might think that analog CCTV camera can only display black and white footage.However, that is not true.

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Firstly, Analog camera are called coloured camera which display coloured and high definition footage.

Secondly, many might think IP cameras are better than analog camera as IP cameras use POE(power over ethernet) which enables the user to power up and access the IP camera with a single Lan cable(Cat5e/6).  However, analog camera can also run a single Lan cable to power up and run the video footage similar to IP camera.

Lastly, having a coax cable and power adapter is not necessary for an analog cameras. By using a lan cable (Cat5e/6), it can power up and run the video footage to the DVR. Analog camera uses a pair of video balun to allow video transmission using unshielded twisted pair wire Cat5e/6 cables.This means analog does not require multiple cables to run.A single Cat5e/6 cables is enough to run the Analog CCTV Camera.

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305m RG6 Coaxial Cable CCTV Cable Rg59 2c RG6 2c

Coaxial Cable

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Cat 5E Cable

In Conclusion

By using this method the use of multiple cable will be reduced and easier to install.Moreover, analog cameras are lower cost than IP camera and will be more stable as compared to IP cameras. For office areas and commercial area, having an analog camera will be a great choice.

Analog cameras come with a coax cable input and a power input.You do not need to worry about the setting up and configuration of the analog camera as our professional installer will help you install the analog camera with only a Cat5e/6


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