Pros and Cons of CCTV analog camera

Pros and Cons of CCTV Analog Camera

There are many reasons why there are people still choose analog CCTV cameras over IP CCTV cameras, even when they (IP Cameras) are dominating the CCTV industry market. Well there are some clear differences in the functions and ability, but analog CCTV camera will always find a place in the market.

Benefits of Analog Camera

  • The technology is getting better: High definition (HD) analog has tremendously increased the picture quality and the resolution,  You can get four and five megapixel cameras that are HD analog, and that’s impressive. However, when you compare apples for apples on your resolution, there are many more benefits to an IP camera.
  • Simplicity: Analog cameras are fairly easy to run, sending recordings to a digital video recorder (DVR), which then converts the analog to digital and stores it. DVRs are also simple to set up and run,  there is no need for wifi connectivity too. Just wires and a recorder box and you are good to go!
  • Larger pool of installers and vendors: Since analog cameras have been around for years and because they are fairly simple to install, you may have an easier time finding an installer, as well as a vendor.
  • Cost: The most obvious reason to stick with your analog system is the price tag. Analog cameras tend to be significantly cheaper, especially as your camera count increases.
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Disadvantages of Analog Cameras

  • Frame rate and image quality: The frame rate of analog cameras is lower than that of IP, so they’re not ideal for areas that have a lot of motion or that need to be seen in high detail. Images are not as sharp and may appear grainy or blurry. You also can’t digitally zoom in like you can with IP cameras. However, for certain situations or areas, image quality may not be a crucial factor. Depending on the application, there are plenty of circumstances where a high frame rate isn’t necessary.
  • Less coverage:It may take more analog cameras to cover the same amount of area as it would take one IP camera. Due to short cables and low angle lens problem.
  • More cables: unlike IP cameras with NVR, only one cat6 cable is needed for each connection from the recorder box to the cctv camera but analog camera needs 2 or more cables in order for it to connect cctv camera and the recorder box for it to work.
  • No encryption: A lack of encryption means a hacker could potentially access your information or replace your signal with an outside one.

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