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CCTV is a very important equipment to be installed at your home be it HDB or landed. It is one of the security equipments that will guarantee you and your loved ones maximum security at your home. However, most people in Singapore have the system installed in their homes but their systems do not last for a longer period of time why? One of the key reasons behind this is wrong or improper installation. There are some mistakes that should be avoided at all cost in order for the system to perform its intended tasks for a longer time span and more efficiently. That way, you will be assured of maximum security at all times.

Are you one of the individuals who have the intention of installing a cctv system? Here are the 6 mistakes that should be avoided while installing CCTV:

1.The Use Of Poor Quality Materials

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The use of poor materials will make your cctv system not last for required period of time. The cctv that made of poorly selected materials will be characterized by premature damages and that will be a threat to your security. Your cctv should be in a position to run the whole day and without any damage for the required time span. You are supposed to choose the best supplier of your cctv system with a valid license. This will guarantee the quality that will serve you without any premature damages. The mistake most of the buyers do is buying their cctv from any supplier and they will end up buying vague or imitated materials that will not last. Therefore to avoid this mistake, buy your parts from a genuine supplier.

2.incorrect Installation

This is a mistake that is associated with the supplier. They are supposed to provide the expertise that has the experience of installing the cctv system. They are supposed to install in such a way that the system will cover a wider area so that cctv cameras used are lesser. This will save on cost of buying the camera at the same time covers a wider field of view. The mistake most of the installers do is improper installation such that more cameras are used and the coverage is less. Besides, they must be installed in some hotspots such as the entry and exit points but most of the inexperienced installers may ignore such points. Therefore before installing, choose the best team to do so.

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3.Selection of  Installer

During installation, the common mistake that is faced by most people in Singapore is hiring an installer/supplier who will charge more. To avoid this you are supposed to identify a genuine and licensed supplier who will supply you with genuine systems at a reduced cost. There are some vague suppliers in the market who supply vague systems, take advantage of your ignorance and charge you more. Therefore you should take your time and identify a genuine supplier/installer. 


4.Install CCTV With Out-Dated Technology

This is another very common mistake that most of the installers in Singapore do. They will install out-dated systems that are not capable of fulfilling all your requirements. There are those suppliers who will compromise on the cost and install you old systems that lack the latest advantageous features. Ensures that your systems are the latest and do not compromise on the cost and you will be assured of maximum security.  Features like nightvision/motion detection/two way audio are the basic functions of a cctv now a days 


5.Installing A System With Poor Service And Support

There are some instances where your system may have a minor break down that can be solved by anybody by just following the instructions in the manual without necessarily inviting an expert. The mistake that most people in Singapore do is installing a system from a supplier without the necessary documentation describing the various electrical parts of the system. In case of such minor problems that are very urgent, you are supposed to follow the manual and even solve them. Therefore you should have the support documents after installing your system.

6.Installing Your CCTV from A Supplier without Options

Many people in Singapore will buy their cctv systems from a supplier who has only single option. This will not only limit you in terms of the security scope covered but also in terms of cash you will pay. The genuine suppliers will give you options that are available and you are the one to choose the options you want based on your financial capabilities and the level of security required. Therefore, you should consider looking for an installer who will give you more options before installing your systems.


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