How to Setup HIKVISION DVR Connection

Hikvision DVR front part

Setup a Hikvision DVR for basic recording and monitoring is usually a quick task that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, assuming you already have your cameras installed and connected to the DVR. Let’s discuss the configuration.

Hikvision DVR rear part connection

DVR connections

At the back of the DVR, there will be ports for different types of cable. Each port have different functions and it depend on the camera whether which will be used. (Normally only the VIDEO IN ports will be used ) the DVR uses Coaxial cable to connect the cameras with DVR to record video in the recorder box. HDMI or VGA is for the monitor to view what is the camera shooting/recording. Of cause remember to plug in the power cable too in order for the DVR to work.

Software Setup

For software set up, we have a video to better explain and teach you step by step how the installation will be done. 


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