Hikvision DS-9016HFI-S Intelligent Hybrid DVR Enhances Analog, Digital and IP Convergence – CCTVSG.NET

Hikvision DS-9016HFI-S Intelligent Hybrid DVR Enhances Analog, Digital and IP Convergence – CCTVSG.NET

 DVRs have seen fast growth, shifting to products that offer digitization, networking and intelligence. That said, today’s DVRs are still pretty basic, and they are struggling to catch up as more network and intelligent applications appear. Regardless, DVRs will remain mainstream video surveillance products.

In order to meet the more and more challenging requirement from the market, Hikvision developed the next-generation DVR – DS-9016HFI-S Intelligent Hybrid DVR based on a completely new structure. It is more powerful and delivers better performance, while catering to new demands. This is not a revised design based on an older model. This is real innovation.

The new series DVR features a new ARM 9 RISC processor along with TI new-generation DSP DM647 and 648 DSPs. The new processor has higher capability that enables greater flexibility. In addition, DM647 and 648 DSPs have more powerful multimedia processing; a single DSP chip independently allows 8 to 10 channels of 656 video input — capable of multichannel video input encoding and intelligent video analysis.

While the security market stepped from analog to digital, and now into IP, DVRs also have to move into this direction accordingly. Given this into consideration, the DS-9016HFI-S Intelligent Hybrid DVR also features more powerful networking that supports Internet protocols, PNP and remote IP address configuration. The next-generation DVR also offers two-kilomega Ethernet ports, which are capable of high-speed video transmission and download.

The new DVR has a newly designed in-display, which encompasses advantages of PC-based DVRs. It offers high-resolution image ports, enabling 1,280X1,024 pixels or 1,024X768 pixels on VGA display. This function not only restores true-picture images but also decodes network camera image in high resolution. Moreover, the high-definition video is not only in real-time display, but also in playback.

Hikvision’s new product has an aesthetic, practical control panel that combines the channel indicator display and keypad for alarm view. It supports mouse and shuttle switch, and features a new OSD design with a Windows operating system. All functions can be easily operated by one single mouse or shuttle switch. It also supports clear guidance for configuration. DS-9016HFI-S Intelligent Hybrid DVR also has higher security performance, such as power consumption and RAID, to prevent hard-disk malfunction.

Besides supporting standard algorithms for video and audio encoding and decoding, a Linux operating system is embedded. This enables Hikvision engineers to not only master operating details, but also customize and install software. Inner modularization is an added plus.


  • Support IP camera with resolution up to HD 720p (1280X720), as well as support analog cameras and IP cameras simultaneously in two ways: sixteen analog cameras plus eight 4CIF IP cameras, and sixteen analog cameras plus four mega pixel IP cameras.

  • High-resolution VGA display (1280X1024).

  • Support digital zoom in preview and playback mode.

  • Optional intelligent analytics capabilities.

  • Mouse control PTZ movement.

  • Support maximum hard disk drives capacity (more than 2 TB).  Recorded file can be locked in order to prevent the data from being overwritten. Locked file can also be unlocked.

  • HDD can flexibly be set in redundant mode, read-only mode, or read and write mode.

  • Easy to manage backup device by formatting, creating folder, and playing recorded files in backup device.

  • Support remote downloading with resuming capability.

  • Manage and configure IP camera (ex. compression parameters, motion detection, and sensor alarm) locally on DS-9016HFI-S Intelligent Hybrid DVR.

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