To kill glare light at night — Hikvision HLS (High Light Reversion) technology – CCTVSG.NET

To kill glare light at night — Hikvision HLS (High Light Reversion) technology – CCTVSG.NET

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Recent years, the camera’s image performance during night /low light conditions has been greatly improved in video surveillance industry; nonetheless legibility under wider array of light frequencies is still a consistent impediment for the ever-demanding details detection.

A good example is the vehicle’s detection during night, as the image (1) described, conventional camera’s lens may suffer serious glare interferences while a vehicle enters the target field of view. Here, the vehicle’s detail such as its license plate is not visible. To a certain extent, a small vehicle’s headlight can easily outfight the whole surveillance system at this critical moment.

With continuous effort on image quality enhancement, Hikvision HLS (High Light Reversion) technology is developed to solve this issue. As the image (2) referred, HLS technology is able to decrease maximally the glare disturbance such as the vehicle’s headlight, making the entire video surveillance system more vital during the night monitoring of moving vehicles, especially in terms of parking lot management, access controlling efficiency, intrusion detection etc.

As to date, Hikvision has HLS models in analog camera range to satisfy users’ real needs. For more information, please visit Hikvision’s website at:


Technical Article To kill glare light at night — Hikvision HLS (High Light Reversion) technology – CCTVSG.NET from Hikvision Official.

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