How to Install iDMSS Plus in PC, Mac and Windows

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In this blog, you will learn about the process for downloading iDMSS Plus on PC, Windows 7/8/10, and Mac Laptop. Since the app for monitoring surveillance cameras is available only for Android devices, it is possible to use the Android and an iOS Emulator to get iDMSS Plus on a PC or laptop.

It is important to note that iDMSS and gDMSS are the same apps created by the same company. The only difference is that gDMSS is designed for Android users, whereas iDMSS is intended for iOS users. Installation guides are available for both applications below.


  • The system supports Push alarm technology.
  • Allows camera footage playback.
  • Supports the invisible task wheel.
  • Enables finger gestures too.
  • Notifies you at the moment of need.
  • Free.


  • It does not show live footage if it is not in the area or system with security cameras.
  • It isn’t possible to access footage immediately.
  • Failure to notify in the date and time.


  • Sync app on multiple devices.
  • Display multiple doors unlocking options.
  • Get alerts for alarms.
  • Video footage support allows you to play in the aspect ratio of 4:3.

iDMSS Plus or gDMSS Plus is an updated version of the iDMSS surveillance camera application. It’s not the greatest, but it’s popular because of its low cost and good performance. If you’d like to use the camera app running on Microsoft Windows, Windows 8/10 and Mac OS, follow the step-by-step guide below.

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iDMSS Plus is an acceptable program that includes all the essential features that any camera management app for security would suggest. If security is the primary issue, you must try this popular program, Download iSmartViewPro for PC, Windows 7/8/10, to monitor and control the cameras observed.


As we have mentioned, it is possible to use the Android and an iOS emulator for installing and running IDMSS Plus on Mac Laptop & PC. Suppose you are looking for an Android Emulator. In that case, we recommend BlueStacks or Nox Player as both are highly reliable and work exactly as advertised. This program emulates the Android interface, allowing the Google Play store access. This will allow you to install applications effortlessly. If you’re searching for a simple installation guide, this blog post is for you!

Time required for the task: 15 minutes.

You can pick either Nox or BlueStacks Emulator as the download process for both is the same.

  1. Get BlueStacks or Nox from the official website.

It is possible to visit BlueStacks’ BlueStacks official website or the website of Nox by searching the site on Google. Then, you’ll find the download button displayed in your browser. Click it to download and access the BlueStacks original file. After downloading, open it from the Downloads tab to the BlueStacks installer.


  1. Install the emulator by downloading the installer. When you start and open the file in raw format, you’ll be able to view a BlueStacks and Nox install appear on your screen. Follow the steps on the screen, and then select the options you prefer. The installation process may take time as the emulator removes essential files.

  2. Configuration Steps after installation, start the emulator and wait for initialization. After that, you can set up the emulator using your current Gmail account. If you don’t already have an account, you may create one and sign-up once more. You’ll immediately be able to access the Google play store once you have configured it. Therefore, you must download iDMSS Plus for your PC.

  3. Install iDMSS Plus for PC/Windows 10/Mac OS. Then, from the BlueStacks homepage, open the Google Play Store application. Look for your iDMSS Plus or gDMSS Plus application. Your search results will appear on the first page of the list. Click it to launch the carrier for installation. Then, select iDMSS Plus from the list and click the Install button. Finally, you can launch the security camera installed on the BlueStacks homepage or the main screen on your desktop.

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How do I connect an item to iDMSS Plus?

First, choose the camera options on The iDMSS Plus home screen. Next, press the menu button, and then select the device manager. Next, click on the add button to connect the device. After that, choose the device that is wired and launch P2P. Then, enter your user name and password for connecting to the device.

Which is better? Idmss Plus, and Gdmss Plus? 

The apps are similar and are developed by the same firm. The only difference is that iDMSS Plus is for iPhone devices. At the same time, GDMSS Plus is specifically explicitly designed for Android devices, and its features are compatible with all devices.

Can we get iDMSS Plus for PC?

iDMSS Plus is available as an Android and iOS device that can be downloaded onto a laptop or computer. You can use the Android Emulator to download and install iDMSS Plus for PC.

How to use APK for Downloading iDMSS Plus? 

There are websites where you can download APK files for iDMSS Plus. After that, you can utilize an Android Emulator to use the APK file to install iDMSS Plus.

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