About Video Analytics in Surveillance Camera

Video analytics is advanced of technology that uses software to recognize a specific object, behavior or action in a  video footage. Normally, video analytics is used for intrusion detection.

Video analytics is important as it helps to improve the security level. It helps to provide all kinds of statistics form of metadata. 


The creation of video analytics software was to help to review the long hours of surveillance video that a security guard may not have time to look at the live footage all day. 

The use of surveillance system is useful only if the incident happens and the cameras only able to capture and watch it. However, having the video analytics function in a surveillance camera allows you to find out the culprit more accurately. 

How does it works?

Firstly, video analytics uses metadata to add sense and structure to video footage. This lets the camera to understand what they are seeing and alert if there are threats the moment incident happen. 

Secondly, video analytics software for security cameras is available in several forms:  Installed on your camera, on your NVR, or as 3rd party software.

Furthermore,when setting up the video analysis software, you need to set up the parameters to the activity the software is looking for and alert notification system, when the camera detects a person or object that meets it criteria it will alert you.

How can it help you?

To view live feed with a better to have a person viewing it at all times. For example, when using a security camera with video analysis for schools/companies, it is better to have security guard viewing the live feed in the case of an incoming crisis. 

The only flaw to this will be attention span of the security guard as security guard will tend to lose focus staring at a screen for a long period


Types of Video Analytics

  • Motion Detection
  • Facial Recognition 
  • People counting (Human Traffic Flow Detection)
  • Recognizing Long Queue at check out 
  • Intrusion Detection-Rule Based and Active Deterrence 
  • Video Structuration
6 key video analytics for smart event management


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