Pros & Cons of 2 MP Camera Quality

A 2 mp camera quality can be cheap at times. Many small brands mainly just focus on 2-megapixel cameras, therefore it is quite easy to find one when you need it. 2-megapixel cctv camera has no minimum requirements of the specs for DVR or NVR when installing. But you still have to check if they are compatible.

2-megapixel cctv cameras are usually small so when place at the right place it is hard to spot. There are also outdoor and indoor versions, normally the cameras will be IP 67 rated for outdoor and mic ready for indoor.

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Cons of a 2 mp camera quality

A 2-megapixel camera can fail to produce a good image under low light conditions, or if the supplemental IR lighting is insufficient. Also, if the lens is too wide angle for the area under surveillance, the picture will not produce a sufficiently high-resolution image for the subject area, as the person of interest will appear too small. With digital magnification, all you will see is a grainier picture. Sometimes the camera is positioned in an area that has both shade and sunlight; the camera can’t compensate for such a wide variation in light and the picture will be over or underexposed, despite the manufacturer’s claims about backlight compensation. Chose a better camera location.

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