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Trimount Lets All Your Consoles Watch You, All The Time –

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Look at this thing. It’s like somebody cloned HAL 9000 a dozen different ways and put the mutated results in your living room. It will stare at you through a haze of paranoia until one day you foolishly step outside without a key and find yourself locked out. Forever.

Fortunately for game enthusiasts named “Dave,” the Trimount isn’t (yet) sentient. It solves a very real first-world problem: with thin LCD TVs, where do you put the set-top box? The Trimount actually clamps to the top of your skinny set and provides secure mounting for Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor, PlayStation Eye and Wii Sensor Bar. If you’re happy having all those cameras pointing at you as you cavort around your living room singing karaoke and dancing out of time, then this is probably for you.

Best of all, this surveillance station is pretty cheap. At $30, it probably costs less than the bracket that’s holding your TV up. Available August.

Trimount [DreamGear Via SlashGear]

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