CCTV for Office

Best and Efficient CCTV Positions for Offices

Best Places to install CCTV for Office. The selection of CCTV camera positions is the important element to acquire the best results from surveillance system. Investigation and deterrence are the basic two reasons to install the CCTV cameras in the office. In this connection, you need to choose the proper locations to install the cameras in your office.

  • Entry Point / Back doors
  • On reception or counter
  • Staff room or working area
  • Blind corners or stores
  • Parking area and garages

Entry point / Back Doors

Entry point of the office or building is the first location that can provide the best image of the objective as everyone takes time to look at and open the door. The image or video taken from this point is more helpful to identify the person so it must be installed at closer location.

On Reception or Counters


The office reception or counter is the next important location to be covered with CCTV camera. This location also provides with clear identifiable image of the objective. If we see on the crime scenes happening worldwide, we can analyze that most of the crimes are occur on cash counters. Therefore, this location needs more attention while selecting the locations for CCTV cameras.

Staff Room or Working Area

Northwood College GDST staffroom 002

Staff room and working area are the important locations to be covered with CCTV cameras. The surveillance system is an unblinking eye on the work place to monitor the activity. The security system helps you to know the entry of unauthorized persons in the work place. Moreover, CCTV camera has made it easy for the boss to monitor his/her workers and staff in the office.

Blind Corners and Stores

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For more security and surveillance, the blind corners and stores of the office building need to be covered with CCTV cameras. At these hidden locations, wide-angle cameras are best recommended because you can cover the more area with the camera installed at distant location.

Parking Area and Garages

pavement maintenance corporate office parks

The parking area and garages adjacent to your office also need surveillance. Although, the parking area needs both close and wide-angle cameras however, wide-angle cameras are installed on these locations. Depending upon the location, if the space and budget allow, install CCTV camera at close as well as distant locations to identify the objective and to record the sequence of incident or crime.

Recommended CCTV for Offices

Vstarcam C7824WIP-Pro

C24S mainpic

  • 120º Wide Angle
  • Local Server
  • Two way Audio
  • Plug and Play
  • Hidden Infrared

With it’s plug and play, you won’t need to do any complicated setup before you can use the camera and it’s wide angle means that you’ll be able to catch more on the screen. It stores at least 20 days worth of recordings, allowing you to keep them for a long period for archiving purposes. This camera is a solid choice if you’re looking for one that allows you to store data for long periods without having any fuss.


IPC HDBW1320E W thumb

  • Wireless, allowing easy setup
  • Infrared cut filter
  • Allows remote viewing
  • Water-resistant
  • Vandal-resistant

The Infrared cut filter makes this camera perfect for places without consistent lighting as it’s able to swtich to monochrome dynamically if it gets darker. With scores of IK10 and IP67, it’ll be able to withstand most abuse thrown at it, making it a solid choice if you need a camera that’s prone to abuse.

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