Are fake CCTVs a good idea ?

fake cctv

The history of video security systems dates back to the 1940s where it was first used for military purposes by the German government. The rapidly advancing technology contributes much to the rise of the surveillance technology and the modern day CCTV systems. It’s through the introduction of digital and wireless recording that made this closed circuit systems even more powerful. Since then, homeowners and business personnel have embraced this technology for the good and safety of their property.

Over the recent years,  fake CCTV cameras were introduced into the Singapore security and surveillance market. These sets resemble the real surveillance cameras but lack in functionality. They have all the physical features of a genuine CCTV camera such as realistic lens, color, shape.

Before jumping to conclusions, it’s important to understand the differences, the pros, and cons of each set. Below are the differences and all you need to know. Read on to get started.

Real vs fake CCTV cameras

Real CCTV cameras has sophisticated architecture that utilizes either wireless or wired technology to transmit visual/audio signals to a display. Some sets use sensors such as motion and image sensors to ensure reliability and efficiency in capturing images and videos.

Dummy CCTV have been crafted to imitate the real surveillance systems. They have a simple design that mimics the various brands in the market. Since they are limited in functionality, they are relatively cheap.

Evaluated your premise’s security plan and determine whether it is necessary to incorporate some few sets of fake CCTV cameras. It’s better to choose those sets are similar ( at least in appearance) to the real CCTV cameras. This will help root out the probability of identifying your fake cameras from the real ones.

How to blend in a fake CCTV

The sight of a security camera is enough to scare away a potential thief. Most petty thieves can’t clearly distinguish between a fake and a real camera. Experienced or the more sophisticated criminals may, however, notice your fake cameras and you’ll be an easy target.

If you already have a real surveillance system, you can boost their effectiveness by adding a set of fake CCTVs. This is an economical option as far as keeping your home/ business secured from any form of harm or misuse. This should, however, be done precisely and accurately to avoid disclosing your intentions. You should choose a dummy of the same structural appearance,color, and size to make it look identical to normal CCTVs.

Fake CCTV cameras should be installed in the less demanding areas, like your balcony, kitchen store or the backyard. This works effectively in neighborhoods that are less prone to theft and other crime-related activities.

Pros of a fake cctv camera

  • Requires no maintenance- You only need to clean them occasionally for aesthetic purposes.
  • In most cases, they are pocket-friendly.

Cons of a fake CCTV camera

  • They are fake and won’t record anything in case of a break-in
  • Some models, especially the cheap ones, look fake from a glance. This makes your premises more susceptible to theft or damage.
  • They aren’t effective in crime-prone neighborhoods and business centers.

Factors to consider when buying a real CCTV

Unless you are shopping the market for a fake CCTV camera, it’s not that easy to spot and distinguish a dummy from a real camera. Some people don’t even know that fake cameras legally exist in the market. This can be confusing for first-time buyers and it’s important to be specific when buying a real CCTV set for your requirements.


Lens controls focus on the camera and are one of the vital aspects to consider. A zoom lens- either optical or digital are some of the best lenses you can get in the market.



camera sensor

The sensor specifications of CCTV cameras vary. There are the CMOS and the CCD sensors. The latter is more sensitive and consumes more power. The sensor size also determines the amount of light that each sensor can process and the quality of light it can produce. Next time you are buying a surveillance camera, you should consider discussing this aspect with the dealer to make sure you’re buying a real CCTV camera.

Why you should just get a real camera

A real surveillance camera offers more than real-time security to your premises. It gives you a piece of mind while you’re away on a vacation or business meeting. From the convenience of your phone, you can view footage and access recording to ensure everything is safe. This is, however, not the case for fake cameras.

One real camera is always better than ten fake ones. If someone notices a fake CCTV camera on your backyard, he/she will be more convinced that the rest are fake. This will cause you more harm, making your home more susceptible to theft and break-ins.

Bottom line

When price sensitivity is a major cause of concern, buying a dummy CCTV camera sounds more of a good idea.

In areas where your safety and those of your loved ones is at stake, a real CCTV camera is highly recommended. Unless you are confident about using a fake CCTV camera in such places, it’s not always the wisest of investment. Buying a real surveillance system can be costly. It may require some dedicated maintenance and frequent software updates but it has more to offer in the long run.

Knowing how to correctly place CCTV in your home is important in order to achieve effectiveness that come with surveillance cameras. Placing CCTV cameras in the wrong position and areas is as good as not having them at all. Professional CCTV installers should be able to advice their clients on the best way to place CCTV cameras. This is the reason why the job of CCTV camera installation should be given to professionals who know how to do it best.


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