About Video Balun

A video balun allows video transmission using unshielded twisted pair wire or CAT-5 cable instead of using the RG-59 Siamese Coax Cable.It can be used in HD security cameras.

It is to convert an unbalanced signal into a balanced signal. The word “Balun” means a type of electrical transformer used to connect an unbalanced circuit to a balanced one. Video balun allows CCTV installers to lower down their costs on wiring the security cameras.

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Types of Video Balun

There are two types of video balun. One is called the passive balun and the another is called the active balun. Both of it has a different function. To choose which type of video ballun to use, you should consider the distance of the video transmission.

For Passive balun, it is non-powered and can transmit video less than 1000ft, it is used on both ends. 

For Active balun, it is powered and able to transmit video up to 3000ft.

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