Can I Install CCTV for Cars

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Yes you can, but there are things that you have to consider:

  1. The cctv for car must only be able to record within the vehicle and the area that is surrounding it. You must ensure that no private property, places where a person’s privacy can capture by the camera or you may find yourself pursued damages through the civil courts.
  2. If you intend that the cctv cameras to be powered by the car’s battery. Make sure that the work is done by a professional. To ensure compliance with the relevant legislation to not use up all the vehicle’s battery.
  3. It is also advisable to contact your insurance company to inform them because you don’t want your expensive cctv for car getting stolen just after installing it.
  • On a serious note, there are countless events that happen all the time, which you wished you had recorded it down. For instance, you could be driving down the road with manners and obeying the rules. Out of nowhere, a drunk driver hits you and fleets. In confusion, you may fail to record or take down their plate number, and the CCTV cameras on the road could be broken. What are you going to do then? 
  • Vandalism is also a major issue and car theft too. In Singapore alone, 1 car is stolen every 4 days, which is a very high number of incidents for only one month in Singapore. Considering here a low crime country. Among these crimes, car vandalism reigned supreme. While some owners eventually get their compensation for those crimes, the insurance cases take an extensive amount of time. Which would be cut by half if they would be presented with evidence of the crime.
  • Fleet vehicles are another area of concern. As expected, these vehicles are not driven by their owners. Fleet drivers tend to act recklessly when driving and even violate traffic rules, which would eventually cause the company huge sums of money in traffic penalties.
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