How door access systems work

door access

This is an introduction of how the Office Door Access Control System with Electromagnetic (EM) Lock work on your office door, and why you should consider Office Door Access Control System over the conventional lock.

Office Door Access control systems give authorized people secure access all through different parts of your premise while keeping unapproved individuals out. They can run from electronic keypads that protect a solitary way to extensive organized frameworks for several structures. 

Access Systems likewise enormously streamline administration of your office: no compelling reason to supplant lost keys, chase down old keys from fired employees, or marvel who has admittance to which territories. 

Magnetic lock

magnetic lock

These locks consist of an electromagnet and an armature plate. The electromagnet is attached to the frame of the door while the armature plate is attached to the door itself. When an electric current is passed through the electromagnet, it attracts the plate magnetically and keeps the door locked.

These cost-effective magnetic locks are similar to standard door locks as they can easily be dismantled. Thus, they aren’t that highly recommended when it comes to securing your home or office.

Electric door strikes

electric door strike

These electric door strikes are used as replacements to the traditional strike faceplate which is often used to secure latch bar doors. The latch mechanism works with electric currents yet again, which either lock or release the latch. It is a multifunctional kind of electronic lock, with many options available depending on how the strike is installed. It is said that the effectiveness of these electric door strikes is highly reliant on what it is paired with.

Electric bolt locks

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These are usually used for interior doors and cabinets that require maximum security. Electric bolt locks are actually quite similar to deadbolt locks but are even stronger. They are known for their compatibility with most electric systems. Electric bolt locks also boast of easy installation with different failsafe modes.

Electronic keypad locks

keypad lock

This is probably the most commonly used type of electronic lock as well as the most well-known. These electronic keypad locks require a numerical code or password in order to unlock the door. Especially convenient, these do not require physical keys.

Although they are more expensive than most kinds of locks, your security is well-ensured. It is then important that you keep your numerical code or password safe and difficult for outsiders to guess.

Radio frequency identification(RFID)

radio frequency identification door

As indicated in the name, this type of electronic lock uses Bluetooth to control access to any door or room. Those who want to gain entry need a smartphone or gadget near the range or proximity of the Bluetooth sensors. Bluetooth electronic locks are more frequently used in cars or establishments that house a lot of people.

Biometric lock

biometric lock

More often seen in offices and establishments rather than homes, biometric equipment and locks are the peak of lock technology. These locks require a fingerprint or retinal scan of those who are allowed access to the inside. With the lock mechanism involving unique features of the human body, it is definitely difficult to dismantle or disrupt this system. The biometric lock can then be used to increase the effectiveness of any security system.


The rule behind the functioning of an electromagnetic lock is the utilization of electromagnetism to bolt an entryway when powered. The load and the holding power ought to be collinear, and the armature plate and the lock ought to be eye to eye to attain ideal operation. 

Operation of door access

Electromagnetic locks are intended to exploit the physical science behind electromagnetism. The lock involves two fundamental parts, an armature plate manufactured of metal and plate encompassed by a curl of wire which can be polarized. When an electrical current passes through the curl, the steel plate gets polarized and emphatically draws in the armature plate, bolting the entryway.


For security reasons, electromagnetic locks can be modelled to work in one of two ways: 

Fail-Safe – to ensure individuals safety: The lock is freed if power supply cuts off. 

Fail-Secure – to ensure property safety: The lock stays closed if power supply cuts off. 

An electromagnetic lock is ordinarily utilized in Fail-Safe mode, so it must fulfill appropriate fire regulations to be safe in crisis circumstances.

Advantages of door access systems

Professional way to control the office door access
Office door access control system with the electromagnetic locks are the best way to control the office door access, as it keeps transactions records which can be retrieved with software. This leads to much less administrative work

Quick to Control
Magnetic locks open in a flash when the force is cut, facilitating speedy release as compared to traditional locks.

Magnetic locks may likewise experience fewer impacts of several blows than do ordinary locks. In case this type of lock is constrained open using a crowbar, it will frequently do practically no harm to the entryway or lock.

Disadvantages of door access systems

Needs Continuous Energy Supply
To stay bolted, the lock needs a consistent energy source. The energy drain of this kind of lock is normally approximately 3 watts, relatively lower than that of traditional bulbs (approximately 60 watts), nevertheless it may bring about security alarm since the gadget will remain opened if the energy source is upset.

Whilst the electromagnetic lock is straightforward in relation to a locking gadget, its application is an appreciated expansion to the universe of security and wellbeing in the locksmith business.

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