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Information about IP Surveillance Camera

IP surveillance camera system is an internet protocol camera, or IP camera. The IP surveillance camera systems are the updated forms of CCTV. It is a networked and digitized version of the close-circuit television. The system will include an IP camera that record the footage and it will share it on the Internet protocol network.

IP surveillance camera was first released by Axis communication in 1996.

2 Types of IP Surveillance Camera

Centralized IP Cameras

It include a central Network Video Recorder (NVR) that is responsible for recording and taking on-time decisions regarding video and alarm management.

Decentralized IP Cameras

It is used in places where on time surveillance is not required. These cameras do not require a central NVR as they capture and save it in the allocated storage media like SD cards.

Why Prefer IP Surveillance Cameras?

Because it is:

  • User-Friendliness
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Better compression & Storage
Global Centralized IP Cameras Market
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What are the benefits of opting for IP CCTV surveillance systems?

To begin with, these products are highly acclaimed for offering much better and enhanced video image resolution. An ordinary analog CCTV camera can provide for a maximum resolution of around 0.4 megapixels. While a standard IP camera, on the other hand, offers 2.0 megapixels worth of image resolution. This is basically five times more than the analog varieties can be able to offer. 

To make things even better, some of the very finest of these devices are in an excellent position of giving up to 10 megapixels worth of image resolution. This means users can be permitted to substantially cut down on the overall expenses that are required to install the CCTV cameras needed. This is simply because of the fact that this superior quality image resolution necessitates the utilization of a very decreased number of cameras for it to function in an adequate manner.

Remote CCTV Viewing Access

At the same time, these video surveillance systems are noted for been able to facilitate for convenient and hassle-free user login into a highly secure digital video recorder (DVR) server in a remote way. This certainly means that by making use of a web based user interface, you will be in a position of accessing real time footage on your mobile phones from virtually wherever you may be located. 

For the most part, quite a large number of these video surveillance devices are seamlessly compatible with both the Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices platforms. This quite naturally provides the user with an unmatched flexibility when it comes to utilizing the best platform, which can be effortlessly be adapted for their exact requirements as well as personal inclinations.

Powerful Analytics Functionalities

IP based CCTV surveillance systems providers also make it a point to offer these devices with additional potent video analytics features and functionalities. As you probably might be aware, the major inroads gained in the refining of surveillance cameras’ hardware components, have been paralleled by similar advancements in video analytic software applications. 

Now more than ever, IP video management systems can be conveniently used with many other analytics applications. This state of affairs goes a long way in facilitating for the utilization of software programs, which can recognize vehicle number plates. Others can count the number of people in a building, while others can even automatically detect motion.

Lossless CCTV Video Footage Playback

With IP based CCTV surveillance solutions, users can be able to conveniently view video footage with multiple zoom tilt, pan or zoom functions on playback. This is possible if you may be making use of fixed lens surveillance cameras, mind you without in any way triggering the deterioration of the given images you will view. This particular benefit, squarely addresses undoubtedly one of the most stubborn challenges that is frequently experienced with analog surveillance camera systems. Which is simply a high level of tape compression that can in most cases than not, render the images viewed on such cameras to be totally unreadable

Wireless Connections

Finally, another important benefit of settling for IP a CCTV video surveillance systems is the undeniably fact that these devices are in a good position of relaying data recorded on them wirelessly. Straight to the DVR server they are connected with. This of course can enable users to significantly minimize the total costs that are usually needed for effecting the traditional cable connections. Which are necessary when using the analog varieties of these surveillance products.

Other features of IP camera:


  • Two-way audio using a single network cable allows users to listen to and speak to the subject of the video
  • Use of a wireless network
  • Distributed artificial intelligence (DAI)—as the camera can contain video analytics that analyse images
  • Allow users to view live video from anywhere using their device (e.g. Mobile phone/ Tablet)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) to supply power through the Ethernet cable and operate without a dedicated power supply
  • Better image resolution
  • Alerts & Alarm: Whenever there is an alarming image or recording, the video server can send an email to the saved email addresses. This is important where immediate actions are to be taken.
  • For Storage: There is no limit to the number of images or recordings that you can store, other than the capacity of the storage media. By using the different types of IP cameras, you can view recordings of any location, or save it to view later.
Factors to be considered when implementing IP cameras

Having surveillance through IP cameras is easy and has numerous advantages but there are some limitations or factors that need to be investigated to attain the desired output.

Network Bandwidth: It is important if the images taken by the camera are sent by PSTN. For better results, at least 30 frames per second are required which is a minimum bandwidth of 120 KB per second.

Hard disk space: As discussed above, storage is one main factor when opting for IP surveillance. The storage requirements mainly depend on the frame rate of the video that you want to store

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