Wired VS Wireless CCTV Cameras

Have you ever wondered what are the differences between wired and wireless CCTV camera? Check out this article for more details about Wired and Wireless CCTV. 

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About Wireless CCTV Camera

Advantages :

Most people would prefer a wireless camera for home use. It comes with many features that most people would rather prefer getting these types of camera.

 For installation of wireless CCTV camera, it is very simple and easy.All you need to do is to plug and play with the configuration settings . 

If you want to install the wireless camera at a certain location, you can do it as it does not need any Ethernet cable to connect to the camera. It is also not necessary to connect the Ethernet cable to the router. As wireless CCTV camera can be connected via a WI-FI connection

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 For storage, wireless camera support up to 128GB. It can record the video for around 15-20 days. Wireless CCTV cameras come with two-way audio function, which enables you to listen to audio transmitted via the CCTV camera and your smart devices itself. If you wish to communicate with someone at the other end, it is possible to do so as well. You can also PAN and TILT wireless camera for more coverage.

It also has a  night vision function that  allows you to view things in the dark. You can also activate the motion detection notification via your phone. When the CCTV camera detects a motion , it will immediately notify you through the phone application. If there is access to the internet, you can view your footage live anytime, anywhere.


For quality wise, it may not be as good as compared to wired, as the data is being transmitted via the internet connection and WiFi connectivity problems may occur.

The distance between the router and wireless camera are limited to approximately up to 10 Metres. If the wireless CCTV camera is far away from the router, the WI-FI signal will be low. You will need to purchase a WIFI repeater to enhance the connectivity. 

If you want to store the  footage of 1 – 2 month, a Micro SD card is not enough, you need to purchase a NVR to store your video footage.

For basic uses like home surveillance , we recommend you get the Vstarcam Wireless camera! 

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About Wired CCTV Camera


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For wired CCTV camera, the quality will be better as the footage  is directly transmitted through cables. The connection issues are most likely not to occur. It is also safer as there is no wifi accessibility from third party . Only wired cameras offer up to H.265 codec and would minimize the storage usage. 

Many homeowners and business owners with larger properties want comprehensive coverage versus only monitoring select access points.Therefore, they will require more than four cameras above. In this case, wired system would be good as they can support and link all the cameras,Wired system can support up to 16 cameras.  For recording footage, it can also be stored in a recorder box, a DVR or NVR recorder. Wired camera comes with waterproof features as well. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your CCTV camera getting damage on unpleasant weather.e.g rainy weather 


Installation process might take time as it requires running multiple cables which can be daunting for some.Wired camera tend to be less flexible when it comes to mounting as they need access to a power outlet. 

If your property loses power, your security system will be affected as well.  Although power outages are infrequent, it is important to take into consideration.

The angle for the CCTV are fixed. No pan and tilt feature. Maintenance work is harder and more troublesome .

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If you are unsure which brands of cctv camera are good, f or high quality and performance CCTVs, you may choose Hikvision or Dahua. Currently the NO.1 and NO.2 brand worldwide! You are ensured to receive the quality you expect! 

In Conclusion

Both wired and wireless CCTV camera have their pros and cons. If you are looking for a simple and easy to install CCTV camera, wireless camera will be a great choice for you. Moreover,if you want a stable and better performance camera, you can get wired CCTV camera. Head over to our showroom to take a look at wired and wireless CCTV cameras.

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