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Security camera is the best way to monitor all the activities happening outside as well as inside your house. Installing CCTV cameras outside is more common than inside to prevent any theft and vandalism. But many people prefer to install one inside their house to monitor their maid’s activities. If you are too thinking whether or not you should install a security camera to monitor her activities, then you definitely can. The crime rates are growing and you must take proper measures to prevent them.

One of the most common forms of crime is child abuse by maids. So, you must closely watch the activities of your maid, especially if you have an infant or toddler at home. But there are some important things that you must know before you can install it in your home. Installing these security cameras at your home comes with some dos and don’ts. Read on to know more about it.

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Why you should install CCTVs and monitor maids

#1: Stopping child abuse: There are many cases of maid abusing children at home when their parents were at work. Often the kids cannot explain what is happening with them. But if you have any kind of doubt or even may not have any, it is better to install security cameras to monitor how your maid is handling your child. Of course, you will never want your precious little one to be mistreated. So, if you have toddlers or infant at your house who cannot verbalize their pain, then make sure to install a camera.

2) For keeping an eye:

There is no harm in keeping an eye on your maid when you are out. Trust takes several years to build. So, when you are not at home, you must ensure that your maid is not doing anything wrong behind your back. Whether it is about keeping your money and valuables safe and secure or for closely watching her work, you can install the security cameras. This will help you in monitoring maid when you are not at home.

3) Watch over elderly

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This is same like the first point. If you have an elderly person at your home under the care of your maid, then you must keep an eye on her. Often the elderly people are not able to express their feelings because of many reasons. Maids can take advantage of it. If you are hiring a maid to ensure everything is properly taken care of, you must ensure if the same is happening or not.

What you should know before installing a CCTV

Before going ahead to install the cameras, there are some things that you have to take note of, regarding ethics of installing one for monitoring a person.

Do no install in private places

Installing security cameras to monitor your maid is not an offence. You can do it but you should not install the cameras in any private places like bathrooms or changing room. You can install the camera in the public areas like kitchen, living room, play room, dining room and even in your bedroom. But do not install it in any places where it can breach your maid’s privacy. It is good to monitor her activities all over the house but you must honor her privacy too.

Inform the maid about the cameras

After installing the security camera inside your house, you must tell your maid that the cameras are installed in the house and her activities are been monitored. Thus, you will make her more aware and she will become careful when working inside your home. Also, she will not change her clothes (if needed) in open when there are cameras all over. Also, it will be beneficial for you as your maid will work more diligently now and take care of your children too. This is a good way to stop maids abusing your child or not performing the tasks properly.

Tell her why you installed the cameras

Do not make her feel that she is the only reason why you installed the camera. You must explain here the CCTV cameras are designed to proper security and safety to the house. It can protect your house from potential chances of theft, robbery and vandalisms. Also, the footages that are captured in the camera can be used as evidences in the court. All these details will also make her much careful about her activities.

So, if you are confused whether or not you should install a CCTV at home, then you must have got the answer. You should install but always remember that privacy is important and it should not be breached, anyhow. You can call up one of the best security camera services to get the cameras installed at different corners of your house. A professional experienced and skilled security camera service can help you to install the cameras perfectly in the right position. Position matters a lot of the security cameras as they must capture the footage of the whole room. Thus, only a professional can do it for you so that you can monitor the activities of your maid even when you are at your office or out of town.

Should CCTVs be installed in classrooms?

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The installation of CCTV in classes has been a highly debated topic in the world over. While the use of CCTV has effectively trimmed down crime and has helped to bring into book perpetrators. School owners are trying to make learning centers more conducive for students. The use of CCTV has been approved in Singapore in educational centers as it has more advantages than disadvantages such as:

Prevents vandalism

Cases of vandalism in schools are common all over Singapore. Students just feel rebellious and feel the need to get back at the school. Officials always have a hard time try to catch the real perpetrators. The large state of the school itself makes it harder to catch vandals. This is because there are various blind spots in the school. Thieves too love robbing schools because the valuable nature of property. Great loses are made due loss of property render schools budget lesser effective. 

CCTV systems with DVR kits are the best solution to these kind of problems. DVR kits record the movements of anyone in the premise. Use of keycards help track a person’s movement and this limits the chances of vandals successfully robbing the school. You can monitor the entire school and reduce cases of vandalism with CCTV systems.

Reduces bullying among students

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Students wrecking classroom in Singapore

Bullying has been on the rise in schools and negatively affects the learning curve. Bullies pick on small or smart kids and try to prove that they are more superior. With the installation of CCTV cases of bullying can caught on record. Fights among students are reduced no one wants to be caught on camera misbehaving. CCTV has helped a lot in calming down bullies. Students focus on learning and socializing positively.

Surveillance systems help tone down the rivalry between students and keep the school in a calm nature. Bullies are deterred from harming other students. You get to learn how to handle cases of bullying and help them seek out professional help. However, this only stops bullying in areas where the CCTVs are placed, this doesn’t mean that it will eliminate bullying.

Monitor teacher performance

With the installation of CCTV, classroom you get to monitor the performance of teachers. You get to learn if a teacher is performing at his/her best. Absenteeism is also noted, some teachers don’t show up regularly. 

With CCTV systems, you get to review how a teacher is performing and work rate. Teachers showing up late for classes and leaving early are warned about their behavior. Surveillance systems should not be used to instill fear, but help build a positive environment. 

School owners can go through the tapes and view if the students are learning of just wasting time at school. Other teachers can use the tapes to study how effective their teaching skills are. You can use a different method and see how effective it is.

Prevents cheating

Cheating in exams has been a source of half baked students. Some students want to get good grades and don’t want to work hard at all. A teacher may be supervising over seventy students in an examination. At times he may not note what all the students are up to. With the help of a CCTV, classroom the teacher is more effective in catching cases of cheating in examinations. Students have ingenious ways of cheating in exams and with CCTV you get to bust their methods of cheating.
Using CCTV to curb cheating is an effective way of busting students who are not willing to study. Cases of cheating are reduced drastically. Videos serve as evidence when one is caught and students fear this. Cheating has been producing half churned students and with CCTV you will produce the best out of the students.

Help in error reporting

In the event of an accident like a fire, investigators get to find out what really happened. Schools are high risk zones and the use of CCTV’s helps shed light on what really caused the problem. Investigators don’t speculate on what really caused the problem. Cases of fires are wide spread and discovering the cause was due to malicious motive is what every principal wants.
Another key role CCTV plays is that you get to track students in the event of a major accident. Everyone is accounted for with the use of CCTV. Losing a student can be a painful thing to go through and with the use of CCTV’s you get to locate where everyone is. Firemen and police use CCTV footage to locate and help any trapped student in the event of an accident. Bringing down the number of casualties and saving a lot more.


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