How to Enable Hikvision Motion Detection?

motion detection

With our CCTV system, you can set the recording mode to “motion detection”, which means the CCTV security camera system will only record upon motion detected. With such function enabled, it can help to save hard disk space the CCTV system consumes, and it will also make your life easier: because you won’t need to watch the no-motion video for a long time when you are replaying the video footage.

Below are instructions on how to enable Hikvision motion detection:

1. Use the computer browser to login to the CCTV system. You should have been given the unique domain name, user ID and password to do so. If you have forgotten the password , you can refer to this article
After you login, go to “configuration” -> “Schedule Settings” -> “Edit”

2. At the “record type” , change it to “motion detection”. At the bottom of the page, choose the days you want to enable the function.
Click “Copy” after you have selected the day. Remember to click “Ok” after that.

3. After you have clicked “OK” in the previous step, the color of the schedule should have changed to GREEN, which means “motion detection” schedule.

4. Go to “Motion Detection”. Make sure you tick the “Enable Motion Detection”. Click “Start Drawing” to select the area you want to detect motion.
We advise you set the sensitivity to lower range, so that you won’t so many alerts (via email). Remember to click “Save” after you have finished the settings.

5. Choose the “Linkage Method”, and select “send email”. Click the picture to follow the selections.
Regarding “trigger channel”, if your camera is the 1st one, choose “D1″; if your camera is the 2nd one, choose “D2″, so on and so forth.

6. Set the email alert settings.  Gmail is advised, but please make sure you will register a new email box for the email alert function.

This is important because it is possible that if the motion alert emails are sent too frequently, Gmail may ban the email account since it considers the email box is used to send spam emails.  (unfortunately there is no way to overcome this issue since no service provider wants the user to flood other peoples mail box). So the best thing you can do is  : a) enable the motion detection only when you need to;    b) make sure the sensitivity is set to low level;    c) set the time interval as long as possible;   d) restrict the motion detection areas to those you really need

All set! Please test your camera and make sure everything is working well! If you still face issues after following our instructions for enabling hikvision motion detection, please use our remote support for assistance.

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