Guide on buying a CCTV system

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1.Find the most optimal location

You need to know where you would like to place your CCTV cameras which would provide the best angle of the house. 

It important to locate your CCTV cameras best position. 

You can print out your floor plan and show it to the professional consultant, they will then recommend you where you should place your CCTV cameras at a correct position.

2.Plan a budget

You can plan your budget, find out what is the range of the camera types and affordable cameras. This allows you to estimate on how much you are going to spend on installing a CCTV system in your home.

The professional consultant will send you a quotation note, it will state all the products inside.  

You can look for CCTV shop that provide CCTV packages as they offer CCTV cameras, hard disk and DVR/NVR in a package.

3.Choosing a suitable security camera

You should research online or consult a professional consultant to find out what are the types of security camera that suits your household. 

There are two types of cameras available in the market.Wired and wireless. It depends on where you are installing it.


4.Storage of your CCTV footage

There are many type of ways in which you can store your footage. You can store it in a Micro SD card, cloud storage or hard disk.If you want to storage in a hard disk you need to purchase a DVR/NVR. 

For Micro SD Card 

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1TB Hard disk (1-2month)

Cloud Storage: Subscription fee 

  1. Installing a CCTV

Look for an installer that will help you to install a CCTV system for your house. If you purchase a security camera from the shop, the professional consultant will arrange an installer to your house to install and set-up the CCTV system for you. 

Let the installer know which day and time you are available, and the installer will help you to install the camera.

6. CCTV system is ready

After the installer is done setting up the CCTV system, do remember to check every of your CCTV cameras and DVR/NVR is working fine. If you are unsure of how to operate the CCTV system, you can ask the installer to guide you on how to operate the CCTV system. If you still have any queries about the CCTV system, you may contact the professional consultant for help.


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