Types of CCTV Cameras

There are many types of CCTV cameras available.Many people want to install a suitable CCTV cameras for themselves. Having a CCTV camera can help to improve security feature in your property such as apartment, office building, home and many other properties. You can find variety types of cameras available in the market. 

Start planning on what types of CCTV cameras you should install! Let’s discuss about what are the different types of CCTV.

Bullet Camera

It is a common type of CCTV camera used on the market these days. These type of camera can be used indoor or outdoor. The shape of the bullet camera comes with a thin cylindrical shape that look like a bullet.Bullet Camera is used to capture image or video from a fixed position. If you  would like to monitor a specific place you can consider installing a bullet camera.

Bullet Camera-types of cameras
hikvision turret

Turret Camera

Turret Camera is known as a mini-dome camera, comes with an eyeball or flat-faced features. It is like a sliced sphere, which can be easily swiveled around in its “socket” once the base has been mounted. Turret cameras are mostly used in indoor and outdoor.

Dome Camera

Dome camera are also popular in Singapore. These cameras are dome-like shape and it is very useful to make the camera unobtrusive. Some of the dome units can spin the lens quickly. These units are called the speed domes. Dome camera is useful to help you monitor any activities in your property. It is commonly used in any commercial or business areas, such as retailers, office space, and other places.

Dome Camera-types of cameras

Infrared Camera

Infrared cameras allow you to monitor your property throughout the night. With the built-in infrared system,you can record throughout night-time. This device is equipped with high quality infrared system, so you can record any images or videos during night-time. When you are buying infrared camera, you should compare infrared intensity feature.

Infrared Camera-types of cameras

Weatherproof Camera

The weatherproof camera is for outdoor uses. This weatherproof unit is usually made from durable material. It can last for a few years without any problems. This unit can resist against extreme sun rays and rain in Singapore. You will never have to worry about the quality of this camera when you are using this CCTV system outside.

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IP Camera

For IP camera (internet protocol) camera is it  for monitoring your property at any time. IP camera is useful to help you monitor your property easily. You can connect the camera with your phone application via the Internet. You just need to install an application from  your smart devices. These type of camera is easy to use .

High Definition Camera

The high definition camera system provides good clarity of images and videos. This kind of camera is commonly used in certain market such as schools, universities and many other popular places in Singapore. The camera can be connected to your monitor device via its special HD CCTV cable system. This cable allows you to transmit high definition (HD) videos and images for all customers easily without any problems.

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) Cameras

The camera can be moved from left to right or up to down to provide a proper view of objects in the area. It has a tracking and powerful zoom feature which is aimed at providing increased surveillance through the tilt rotation by the PTZ camera.

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In Conclusion

There are many types of CCTV camera available on the market. It is important to choose the best CCTV camera. Installing the best camera in your property will be able to assist you to monitor all activities in your property easily. You can also improve the overall security of your property effectively without having any problems. Don’t forget to do some maintenance procedures, in order to improve the durability of your CCTV camera.

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