CCTV system features to consider before buying one

CCTV system features has evolved as the technology is advancing continuously. It’s confusing at times to know what this features does and deciding which one is useful to you. So, let’s take a look at some CCTV system features to consider before buying one.

cctv camera hikvision and dahua

1. Video quality and audio recording

You probably dont want your camera to look grainy or blurry. Well, resolution is something to take note of when getting a cctv camera.There is no one specfic resolution as it depends on the camera device you are getting. It’s also dependent on the distance between the camera and the object. In most cases,1080p is sufficient in home or commerical buildings. For audio,it’s highly recommended to have two-way audio. This is because it provides the ability to hear and speak with one another. Its also good for evidence collection or documentation for security purposes. Do take note that the recording method is different based on the type of camera (analog/ip).

2. Night vision or infrared

This is important especially if you intend to record for 24 hours straight. It still is able to capture images clearly in the night or at dark areas.There is 2 variants avaliable,first one is a night vision camera and the other is an infrared camera. Night vision cameras records footage in black and white colors. While the infrared has an infrared light iluminator inside the camera and uses it to capture footage. Typically, night vision is used when there it’s still moonlight or small amount of lights present around it. On the other hand, Infrared is used when the area surrounding it is completely dark.

hikvision night vision and IR light

3. Remote access

You likely wont always be near the area where the camera is installed. So,it’s recommended to have remote access to the feed wherever and whenever. Usually, there is a software application on your phone or laptop that allows wireless connection in order to view the footage.


4. Cloud Storage

Storing data for your cctv is valuable in today’s context. CCTV has many forms of storage types/devices like hard drives,flash drives and so on. The problem with these is difficult to manage,storage limitations,no fault tolerance,no high avaliability etc. That’s where cloud storage comes in,it’s reliable to fix those issues mentioned above. How cloud storage works is that the data is stored virtually online in the data center. It can be retrieved easily by simply logging in your account in the interface given by the cloud service provider. However,the downsides of this is lack of privacy and a fast reliable internet connection is required to access it. Despite that,it’s probably worth it for the security and accessibility and help save space for other things.

cctv storage

5. Pan and Tilt

This is useful to know as it will help better position your camera when setting up.It determines the angle coverage without having to reposition the camera everytime. Pan is the angle that allows the camera to rotate horizontally. Tilt is also the angle for rotation but, vertically instead. All cctv cameras have different pan and tilt angles so do choose one that suits covering your area. The general rule is that the larger the area you need to monitor,the higher the pan and tilt required. 

In conclusion,these are the few cctv system features to look out for before purchasing one. There are others that aren’t stated here like motion detection,facial recognition and activity notifications that u can consider too. Most importantly, find what features suits your preference and your environmental setup when you are getting a cctv camera.


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