CCTV footage

Firstly what is CCTV footage?

To know what CCTV footage is all about, we need to first know what CCTV is. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) are cameras used to transmit video and audio signals to the video recorder system. It then outputs for us to watch or replay the CCTV footage. It’s purpose is to clock surveillance at a certain time and location. CCTV are split up into two categories, Analog cameras which transmit video by using cables.The other is IP cameras that sends the data via network instead. 

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How is the footage stored and how long?

Firstly, there is the standard usage of Optical drives. CD-ROM, DVDs, and even Blue-Ray disks/VCR are used to store your footage for long periods of time. The only issue with this is these methods has become obsolete. There is also the use of magnetic hard drives and flash drives. These include External hard drives,SD cards and USB memory sticks. It will have more storage space than the previous one. It can also easily keep footage for long periods, while not losing it in the process. Finally,the best option is cloud storage or offsite server. This is because it provides protection and encryption at the same time. Regarding how long it can store for, it really depends. Factors like resolution,bit rate, fps and storage space affects the duration. Generally it is stored from 30 up to 90 days.

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Rules and regulations of CCTV Footage

There isn’t many rules regarding the usage of CCTV footage. It’s legal for someone to request for CCTV footage, provided that it’s not overwritten. State or Federal laws has restrictions of CCTV usage as well that varies. These includes usage of audio recording being included into the footage. There is also a time frame you are allowed to retain the CCTV footage. Generally,most areas like shopping malls,buildings and offices are allowed to have cameras with/without alerting the presence of one. This does not apply to bathrooms and changing rooms as it isn’t allow for privacy reasons. Housing estates are also allowed to have CCTV camera. If there is a legal procedure to follow, ensure you completed that first before setting up your CCTV camera. 


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