Resolution can be defined as the fineness of detail that can be distinguished in an image. In CCTV cameras, resolution is measured in TV Lines (TVL). A higher number of TVL means that a camera will be able to render images with more detail. However, TVL is not the sole factor that determines the quality of the final output. For example, the resolution does not affect the color reproduction of the camera. The monitoring device and the video processing of the DVR also impact the final output. Below is a comparison of different TVL resolutions.

What are TV line(TVL)?

TV Line(TVL), is used in an analog camera and one of the features in analog camera’s or monitor’s horizontal resolution power. It is alternatively known as Lines of Horizontal Resolution (LoHR), aka lines of resolution.

TVL is one of the most important resolution measures in a video system. To put in a simple explanation, the more TV Lines are there (depending on the size of the lens) the better the picture quality.

For the analog cameras, for normal commercialized home and office use. Currently 1200TVL is the maximum TV Lines you can find on the market. Anything above that is only used for special purposes.

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