CCTV Camera Installation: Best Practices Guide

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Learn to build, design and put in commercial-grade security cameras to improve the safety of your employees and cut down on the crime risk and know the components needed for CCTV camera installation.

Are you considering installing an updated security camera system that will protect your commercial or residential property? 

Security cameras CCTV are available with various resolutions, integration features and usage cases. Some security cameras for businesses are installed indoors. In contrast, others are outdoor, while some pan tilt, zoom and tilt for more extensive coverage. Others are designed to scan license plate numbers when walking to a parking area. Every business should have security cameras. Why? Because videos of the crime on your property could not only aid in the pursuit of the perpetrator but reveal where your building’s security system is at risk and help you make the necessary adjustments so that it won’t occur again.

Essential Components of a Home Camera Installation

  • Security Cameras
  • Cabling / Wiring
  • Network Video Record Recorder (NVR)
  • Storage (Hard Drives)

CCTV solutions are highly complex. A functional CCTV system provides complete security coverage for your home throughout the year. It requires a set of compatible CCTV cameras for commercial use, plenty of storage space, a sound cabling system and power. The good news is that security doesn’t have to be complicated. Continue reading to discover the components and equipment required to set up the IP surveillance system in operation.

Commercial Security Cameras

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The most crucial components of CCTV camera installation for businesses include security cameras. Security cameras for commercial use capture video of every event occurring within and around the facility and then transmit the footage to monitors, recorders or mobile gadgets. Security cameras are available in a wide range of hardware models to meet different needs for camera installation.

The best security camera for your setup depends on your specific requirements and budget. Are you putting them outside or indoors? Are they of sufficient 1080p resolution? Can they effectively record and view the video under low light conditions? Are they located with a good field of view? Or is the use of a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera needed?

These are all crucial questions to consider when selecting the security camera for your project of installing a CCTV.

Cabling and Wiring for CCTV Camera Installation

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For the vast majority of security systems for commercial use, structured cabling that runs through the walls and connects the security camera to your NVR or server will be an essential component of the installation of your surveillance camera. Wireless security cameras have been becoming more popular, particularly for use at home; however, wired security cameras dominate for more long-lasting and demanding security.

Check the 5 types of CCTV cables used for security camera installation.

IP Camera Installation Cabling

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When you use IP cameras, as the majority of CCTV cameras are now, they will be using Cat5E and Cat6 cables, which can transfer the massive quantity of data required for digital videos and higher resolutions at extremely high speeds, and usually across long distances and this is a an alternative from the coax cabling that typically powers security cameras using analog technology; the coax cables have been proven reliable, but they’re not compatible with IP cameras.

Check also our other article on how to configure CCTV IP security cameras on mobile phones.

In most cases, Cat5e or Cat6 cables can also power security cameras, removing the need for additional wiring. This is known as the Power-Over Ethernet, which requires the PoE switch if the security cameras aren’t linked with an NVR. Wireless security cameras might need less wiring to be installed on walls. However, they will still require cables to provide power to the security camera by using 110VAC power.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

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The Network Video Recorder, also called the NVR, is an additional essential component to every IP camera setup. NVR is connected to an IP-based network; it can be connected to the NVR and placed practically anywhere in your office or home. The NVR lets you capture and save the video to the hard drive, snap images and then transfer the images to your computer or remote device for recording and live viewing. Network Video Recorders typically have several channels for putting in security camera feeds and can be used as a complete solution to combine feeds and keep an eye on all you monitor. NVR and DVR can be set up on a desk, wall-mounted, or even hung on an imaginary wall.

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DVR with security camera

NVRs differ from DVRs because they record video using IP cameras. In contrast, DVRs typically record analog-based video in digital formats. The typical DVR recorders use coaxial cables, and many NVRs are connected via Ethernet cables, like cat5e or cat6.

Hard Drives

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An NVR allows you to capture surveillance video footage, but you’ll require connected hard drives to save this footage. The right amount of storage space for the surveillance camera you have installed could be a daunting decision, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s just an issue of determining the length of video that you have to save and then dividing it by how much bitrate you use and the resolution your camera is shooting at. If you are recording 4K security camera footage, it can be a considerable amount of footage that will require terabytes. If you have fewer archival requirements, you can manage with less.

Check also CCTVSG’s affordable CCTV packages that include hard drive, trusted security camera brands and DVR or NVR (Recorder) that suit your needs and budget. 


Which is Better, DVR or NVR?

DVRs equipped with coaxial cables usually have image quality that decreases after 300 feet. With an NVR, you can circumvent this problem by using a POE extender, POE injector and POE switches to stretch cables over longer distances and maintain high image quality. NVRs are highly flexible, being connected via an identical IP network and can be set up practically anywhere within your building.

NVRs can quickly transfer data across computers and stream security footage remotely in real-time on mobile devices because NVRs utilize software programs that instantly record videos in digital format. NVRs are typically more modern and sophisticated systems with better video quality, support for many cameras, and more versatile features.

For security systems for businesses that have already-installed coaxial wire and analogue cameras, Installing a DVR would be the best option. For security cameras for commercial use beginning from scratch, NVRs are a fantastic opportunity that offers higher-resolution IP cameras, and remote video feeds access.

If you don’t wish to use any of these, you may also check our other article on how to set up a home wireless camera without dvr or nvr.

Should I Do Home Camera Installation or Hire a Professional?

You can decide to do your security camera system installation. However, this could be a challenge depending on the size of your system and whether it requires wiring. If the building is not done correctly, security cameras can not be able to protect your premises. The best choice is to employ an experienced security camera installer to ensure that the camera systems are correctly set up to provide optimal performance. 

Commercial security companies like CCTVSG have the best CCTV products and specialists who can ensure cameras are placed at proper angles, ensuring the most secure and efficient security camera installation for commercial protection with no failure. CCTVSG also has experience installing cables and running them without injuries or accidents that could occur when installing a home security system.

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