Benefits of Panoramic CCTV Cameras


The growing popularity of security cameras has led to the development of hi-tech models that can accordingly provide better performance. Out of all the hi-tech surveillance systems available in the market, one of the most preferred products is panoramic camera. This particular type of electronic monitoring system offers several unique advantages that a stationary security camera cannot match. One of its unique features is the ability to provide a 180 degree camera or  360 degree cctv camera view. This is  especially fascinating  when the device is installed in an appropriate location.

So, if you plan to safeguard your premise, installing panoramic surveillance systems in your house premise is a great idea! Below, some of the benefits of panoramic CCTV cameras are discussed that will help you to understand its importance.

Benefits of panoramic CCTV camera includes:

Consistent image quality

 Panoramic security cameras are incorporated with only one lens or sensor. For this, the quality of the captured footage is more consistent and reliable than those multi-sensor security cameras. In addition to that, features like brightness, contrast, etc. are usually better in this type of device as compared to the stationary ones.

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Reliability and performance

Because of its simple design, a panoramic camera offers reliable performance, particularly in terms of offering security and recording footage. Also, the risk of failure of the device is usually lower than the regular security cameras.

Wide angle coverage

A panoramic surveillance system can offer 360 degree camera view and hence, it can be used as a replacement for network cameras that too without compromising with the area of coverage.

Reduced deployment cost

reduced cost

This 360-degree real-time panoramic view of the panorama camera eliminates the need to install multiple cameras covering the entire surveillance area, thus saving the camera hardware investment. The number of surveillance cameras can be greatly reduced, which can save the cost of accessories, equipment, such as lens, protective cover, wiring, power supply, video, display and so on. It also reduces the difficulty of construction wiring, saves installation time, labor cost and follow-up maintenance .

Pan-tilt zoom(PTZ) technology

With the virtual PTZ technology, you can zoom in or move the area of ​​the image within the monitor field. When the direction of the transition is observed in another image area, no noise will be emitted and hidden and imperceptible. Panoramic view of the image distortion correction can be carried out on a number of image areas,the panoramic camera can simultaneously observe and record a number of different regions.

Effective people counting

People counting technology is where the cctv camera uses advanced image processing technology for improved depth perception to count people. The camera then combines real-time people-counting and behavior analytics with video images. By unifying video surveillance and operational capabilities in one device, this helps users make more business operations decisions more efficiently.

This can also help to reduce splicing in video footage. Some CCTVs support random splicing, splicing with 5, 6, 7 and 8 sensors. You can remove invalid videos like pillars  to make them more perfect.

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People counting can also help queue management in stores restaurants, malls,  supermarkets, hotels and banks. These cameras display the most active areas and outputting reports, which provide valuable data support for commercial applications.


Virtual reality(VR) functions

VR, also known as virtual reality technology, fisheye VR technology uses intelligent algorithms to simulate and generate an environment, allowing people to feel an interactive 3D dynamic. 4 kinds of VR mode is selectable for your choice.



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