7 Benefits of magnetic locks

magnetic locks

Security and access control is an important issue for anyone managing a commercial or public space. For high-security facilities like pharmacies and airports, it’s paramount. While some facilities still rely on traditional physical keys, many have been switching to a more intelligent access control system (ACS). To meet this need, Dynamic has a new optional maglock (or electromagnetic door lock) for all of our side folding doors.

What is a magnetic lock?

But first, let’s quick lock at how a maglock system works.

A maglock uses low-voltage power (usually DC 12 or 24 volts) to keep the lock closed, which is the same kind of power that alarm systems use. The lock is disabled through a card swipe, key fob contact, or by keying in a number on a keypad.

All of the maglocks connect to an access control system. Some systems have secure control apps that can be accessed remotely through a smartphone.

The sophistication of these access control systems varies greatly, but most systems can be set up to work with almost any maglock hardware.

Benefits of magnetic locks

1) Long term cost savings on key cutting

With most facilities, employee turnover is a fact of life. As employees come and go, they have to have the correct keys made to allow them to access your facility. The more secure the locking system, the more expensive it is to have keys made, and the longer the turnaround time.

In some cases, the departure of an employee can mean that entire locking systems have to be changed for all points of entry, and new keys issued to all employees. When you’re managing multiple areas, the expense can be significant.

Access control systems are much less expensive to update, costing only a small amount of staff time. Most cards and fobs used with maglock systems can be re-magnetized over and over again as codes change. In the case of number pad codes, it’s simply a matter of enabling new access codes.

2) Elimination of lost keys

No matter how careful employees are, sooner or later someone will lose a key. In the case of traditional physical keys, this can be a security disaster.

With an access control system, individual cards can be disabled by the system administrator within minutes, and a new card issued to the employee.

3) More data about secured area usage

Many central systems automatically record swipe times for individual cards, which can provide invaluable data in case there’s ever a security issue.

Depending on the system, administrators can learn valuable usage information that can be used to help employers find process efficiencies. Some systems can help building managers discover opportunities for cost savings on things like lighting, heating, and cooling when no one is using a space.

4) Remote access control

There are some situations when no one has a good reason to be in a secured space. Many access control systems can be configured to prevent any access at certain times.

5) Durability

Mechanical locks are subject to a lot of wear and tear over time, and many are prone to breakage. Maglock can be expected to last the lifetime of the door.

6) Safety

Maglocks are generally set up to “fail open”, which means that if the power is cut, they disengage automatically. This can mean the difference between life and death in the event of a fire.

Mechanical locks have safety features too, but maglocks will often save precious seconds for the people trying to escape a building with multiple locked doors.

7) Ease of installation

The maglock hardware on Dynamic Closures doors is easy for access control system technicians to install. The power comes right from your existing alarm system.


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