What is CCTV Without WIFI?

What is CCTV Without WIFI
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A no WIFI needed CCTV camera is where when there is no internet, the camera is still able to work and record footage when turned on. all it needs is a harddisk in the DVR or NVR . First IP camera or analog camera both can be used with or without internet/WIFI support. This is because these camera can use local cloud data to record footage and store in the DVR/NVR itself. but with internet access you can enjoy features like.

1. Remote Access

2. App & Email Push Notifications

3. Data Backup on an FTP Server & Cloud

4. NTP Synchronization

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Whats a IP CCTV Camera

IP surveillance camera system is an internet protocol camera, or IP camera. The IP surveillance camera systems are the updated forms of CCTV. It is a networked and digitized version of the close-circuit television. The system will include an IP camera that record the footage and it will share it on the Internet protocol network.

IP surveillance camera was first released by Axis communication in 1996.

What are the benefits of opting for IP CCTV surveillance systems?

To begin with, these products are highly acclaimed for offering much better and enhanced video image resolution. An ordinary analog CCTV camera can provide for a maximum resolution of around 0.4 megapixels. While a standard IP camera, on the other hand, offers 2.0 megapixels worth of image resolution. This is basically five times more than the analog varieties can be able to offer. 

To make things even better, some of the very finest of these devices are in an excellent position of giving up to 10 megapixels worth of image resolution. This means users can be permitted to substantially cut down on the overall expenses that are required to install the CCTV cameras needed. This is simply because of the fact that this superior quality image resolution necessitates the utilization of a very decreased number of cameras for it to function in an adequate manner.


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What Is an Analog CCTV System

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Analog systems transmit pictures and images based on analog technology before being recorded on digital tapes. These systems capture and record information for future purposes and cannot be accessed live most of the times . So it isn’t the best option for monitoring stores or property that’s based in a remote location. The quality of the picture in an analog CCTV environment is also quite low and requires changing the tapes daily.

Benefits of Analog Cameras

Cost: The most obvious reason to stick with your analog system is the price tag. Analog cameras tend to be significantly cheaper, especially as your camera count increases.

Larger pool of installers and vendors: Since analog cameras have been around for years and because they are fairly simple to install, you may have an easier time finding an installer, as well as a vendor, Lanni says.

Simplicity: Analog cameras are fairly easy to run, sending recordings to a digital video recorder (DVR), which then converts the analog to digital and stores it. DVRs are also simple to set up and run.

The technology is getting better: “High definition (HD) analog has tremendously increased the picture quality and the resolution,” says Tim Sutton, director of security at GHG Management. “You can get four and five megapixel cameras that are HD analog, and that’s impressive. However, when you compare apples for apples on your resolution, there are many more benefits to an IP camera.”


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