What is a better solution than POE ?


EPOE is a technology where it allows single network/coax cable transmit data and power over 800 meters. This reduces the usage of power switches and saves up to 15kWh per month this would add up and help your company by saving a big sum of money over time. It is a good way to save energy and be eco-friendly, much lesser energy would be wasted due to this solution.


We recommend large scenes like Warehouses, Farms, Stadiums. Where there is a large area for many cctv to cover. With EPOE there will be much lesser switches or optical fiber cable to be used, the installation is complicated and high in cost.

But the wiring needs to be reconstructed and the analog system needs to be updated to IP system, thus the cost of upgrading would my costly.

IF you are interested here are some cameras from dahua which are EPOE ready!

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