How to choose between IP Camera Or Analog Camera?

Analog Camera

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Analog CCTV (Closed Circuit TV camera) is a security camera that records the video feed on a device called Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

For an analog CCTV camera, you need to install the camera system and the DVR which might be timely and hectic procedure including many jumbles of wires and countless instances where there is a chance of electrocuted.

For analog camera, the feed can be only viewed from a monitor which connects to the DVR(Digital Video Recorder). Analog CCTV cameras can also be accessed remotely over the internet through the DVR but the procedure is not as efficient as IP cameras




IP Camera

An IP camera will feeds the video stream to an IP address. An IP Camera can then be recorded over a Network Video Recorder(NVR).IP camera is greater in efficiency and it can be said that an IP camera is sharper in its performance than a analog CCTV camera.An IP camera relatively easy to install and use. The IP camera sends video feed to an IP address and hence the video feed would be accessible to any part of the house or the building where there is internet.

In fact, it is possible for you installed an IP camera in one of your properties in Singapore and you can watch the video feed from any other part of the world using the Internet. IP cameras able to view the video feed on a mobile device example on laptop or smartphone. There is no facility available in the usual analog CCTV cameras except for the remote access over the internet via a DVR.

As compared to the Analog CCTV cameras, IP cameras are expensive. However, IP camera provide high quality and better performance for users.

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