Difference between Dome and Bullet camera

Dome or Bullet camera. Both cameras are shaped differently, as it’s easier to different-shape between the two cameras, one is shaped like a “Dome“, or circular, and the other one is shaped like a “Bullet“.

The Features Comparison

They also have different features that can be compared to your preferences, so that you can choose which is better and comfortable for your own using at homes, offices or factories.

Feature Dome Camera Bullet Camera
  Dome or Bullet Camera Dome or Bullet Camera
Camera Angle Able to rotate In one fixed angle
Appearance Less visible and camera angle can’t be seen More visible and obvious
Durability Camera in protected lens Possibility of damage from outdoor activities
Installation Harder to install Easy to install


Smaller lens, shorter distance

Bigger lens, long distance


Under ceilings indoors or under the eaves

Walls of the front door, backyard or outdoors

The Purpose of “Dome” and “Bullet” Cameras

Both serve the same purpose and it’s Security, it’s just that they function differently as customers finds it hard to choose which is better. Not only you must compare which is better, you must also see whether the camera is suitable for your own place. Lots of common questions for dome or bullet camera that may come across your mind such as,

  • Is the angle too far or short?
  • How long can it last between the two?
  • Will weather affects the camera functions?
  • Is the camera really safe from hackers?
  • How to know the specific measurements for each cameras?

Group 1

There’s no need to worry, it’s quite straight forward whenever you’re choosing what kind of cameras you’re looking for. For example, measuring angles, if your area requires 24/7 surveillance, just get the “Bullet” cameras, can be added up to 4 to 6 pieces or more, because it’s fixed angle but will keep a look out on that specific angle for 24/7. “Dome” cameras also possible and it can rotate but does your area really need rotation even if you bought more pieces? Slowly you’ll find the camera that’s most suitable for you for Dome or Bullet camera.


Before browsing around any products, naturally we’ll first think and asked, whether the price is right or affordable. You can check our promotion here for more information, as there are some previews as shown below.

Bullet Camera:

Bullet Price

If you want simple and easy-to-install, then you can choose “Bullet” as your choice. This is also a good start for beginners that step in a new journey on Security and wishes for a better place in the future, there’s nothing wrong starting from the first step.

Dome Camera:

Dome Price

For more features to enhance the security level of your area, you can choose “Dome” as your choice. It’s slightly expensive than “Bullet” because there are more functions than the other as you can compare it at the results above as shown.

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Which one should I pick for beginners’s choice?

I would recommend the “Bullet” Cameras as you’ll slowly learn the functions and it’s own security level. In the future, you’ll more knowledge and you might also be interested in buying “Dome” Cameras too.

Do I have to manually rotate my “Bullet” camera?

Yes, as it’s fixed on one angle once it’s already installed on the walls. I can advise to buy more pieces if you want to cover up your whole area for surveillance.

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